GiveCamp 2018

Submitted by bart on Mon, 07/23/2018 - 19:36
GiveCamp Whiteboard

I spent this last weekend donating my time with Cleveland GiveCamp. Each year GC provides North East Ohio non-profits with free technical assistance with their websites.

This year I was a project manager. The project was a little bit more technically challenging than a lot of the other ones. It involved WordPress, Donor Perfect, and a Third-party angular app (which we had no technical history to work from.

Most of Friday night was spent hacking the existing code to figure out what was going on. Saturday involved coding WordPress hacks since part of the code was calling the 3rd party's API. We didn't have access into this black box, so the team coded it's own hack to get the needed data. A new front-end form was generated and styled to work in a similar way the nonprofit was used to using. An update to the angular app that sat between WP and Donor Perfect was started. Again, making the app similar to the existing one was important.

We felt pretty good going into Sunday. However, as "real" data was input we found an encoding problem. Thankfully awesome GiveCamp volunteers jumped in and helped push the project across the line before time was up.

Looking forward to next year. Lessons learned include getting the nonprofit to provide as much info as early as possible. There will always be last minute changes. Getting as much info to understand where they're coming from and why they want a change helps you guide them in the right direction.