Icky Feelings About WordPress

Submitted by bart on Fri, 06/22/2018 - 15:00

Something about WordPress gives me an icky feeling. Every time I search for a plugin or theme, I seem to come across an item that looks like it fits the need. Then, I get a little closer and for X dollars more you get the full-featured version. It's like those shady mobile apps that require in-app purchases.

It's been years since I got very deep into WP development. I don't remember it being like this. Recently, most of my development has been within the Drupal world. Drupal feels "cleaner" to me. I only got the icky feeling with Drupal recently when was looking at themes. This seems to be the place most smaller monetization around Drupal is being done. Just about everything I need for Drupal development is freely available, or I can build it myself.

I guess that's the ickiness I have with WP right now. Drupal seems to be more altruistic to me. You want a module? Great, here it is. All of it.

Perhaps, if I get time to dig deeper into plug-in building, I would feel better about it. Who has the time?