Retire Chief Wahoo

Submitted by bart on Sun, 10/23/2016 - 19:33

I grew up a Pittsburgh Pirates fan. Willie Stargell and the lumber company. I never really thought about pirates out of the context of being the team's mascot/logo. I never watched pirate movies on TV. Peter Pan or the Goonies is about as close as it comes to me and my interest in pirates.


Lean Principles Within Agile

Submitted by bart on Fri, 10/21/2016 - 18:13

Attended a seminar on Lean leadership today. I can't help but see how much it relates to agile.

Visibility => Kanban boards, burn down charts, build statuses...

CI (Continuous Improvement) => CI (Continuous Integration)

Empowered teams

Plan-Do-Check-Act => Backlog-Sprints-Retrospectives

Both require a culture change to implement.